Corporately Lucid is a Nigerian corporate writing and editing company. It is a company that helps entrepreneurs with their business writing and editing.

What is Corporately Lucid?

As an entrepreneur, we understand the importance of having effective business writing or corporate writing that sells products and services. We offer excellent corporate writing and editing for entrepreneurs, at an affordable price.

What are some of our services?

Below are some of the services we offer:

  • Writing your website contents
  • Writing your brochures
  • Writing your press releases
  • Writing your advertising copy materials
  • Writing your company profile
  • Writing your website’s ‘About’ page
  • Editing your website contents
  • Editing your brochures
  • Editing your press releases
  • Editing your advertising copy materials
  • Editing your company profile
  • Editing your website’s ‘About’ page. etc.


Contact us today at for your business writing and editing.


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