This post is a continuation of the previous post we wrote on Essential Business Writing for Entrepreneurs. This is the concluding part of the post. 

Essential Business Writing for Entrepreneurs

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And so, these are other essential business writing that an entrepreneur needs to do:

  1. Emails: as an entrepreneur, you need to write professional or business emails to your clients, investors, to vendors, and so on. Your email says a lot about your business and professionalism. If an email is poorly written, it can give a wrong impression of your business. At, you can get your emails professionally written for you at an affordable price.
  2. Memos: whether external memos or internal memos, you need to write memos. Memos are written to formally pass information. At, we understand the importance of this, and we are willing to help you craft your memos at an affordable price.
  3. Instructions: sometimes you might need to write instructions for your clients or vendors, for a particular product or on how to deliver a product to your company. Corporately Lucid can also help you with that.
  4. Product Manuals: when you produce your goods or when you offer services, there might be need to write product manuals for the products or goods. A good product manual will give in details product specifications as well as how to use the product. Get your product manuals written for you at
  5. Editorial Calendars: perhaps you need a well-structured editorial calendar for your company’s website, you can get it at as well.
  6. Business Letters: business letters are essential for a number of reasons. They help you to effectively communicate with your public in a formal and crisp way.
  7. Brand Manifestos: you need to effectively write what your brand stands for and what your brand intends to achieve. This will help you in carrying out your strategies for your business.

At Corporately Lucid, you can effectively get these business writing done for you affordably.

Contact us today at for more information about how we can be of help to your business.

Do you need business writing for your business? Kindly contact us today at

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